30 September 2010

He's Beautiful and that's all

Just finished watching He's Beautiful, a teenage Korean television series. My cousin got a dvd copy from a friend and she was like going nuts over this so I decided to watch as well.
The story revolved around 4 band mates, 3 boys and 1 girl (disguised as a boy in place of her brother).
Its also being aired on ABS-CBN only tagalized (dubbed to Filipino) version.
This story is somehow similar to other Korean or Taiwanese series I've watched before. This one is more like the Taiwanese series Meteor Garden.  I enjoyed watching or should I say reading the subtitle (LOL) with my cousin kept on giggling beside.

Welcome to me

Well, well, well... What can I say?

Seems like everybody is hooked up to this, I might try as well.
I know I'm not good as them at least I tried. =)
Better then never.

So wish me luck...
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