28 February 2011

Save Sum-ag River Movement Dinner for a Cause

     Last Friday I had a chance to witnessed a spectacular showcase of talents from the teachers and staff of Sum-ag Elementary School as they entertained those who have attended the dinner for a cause held by the school. Save Sum-ag River Movement Dinner for a Cause is a fund raising drive of the school to aid The Knowledge Channel Program in their quest to restore the Sum-ag River.
     The night kicked off with a prayer from the students of SES then followed by a speech from the Vice Mayor of Bacolod Jude Thaddeus. A short overhead projector presentation of mission and vision of Save Sum-ag River Movement and the rest of the evening with special numbers of the SES teachers and staff.

16 February 2011

Chess board cake for her hubby

     I wanted to thank Marikoy of mareeyah.com/ako for giving a chance to be a part of surprising her husband last Valentines day.  A week before Valentines I received a message from her asking if I can make a cake to surprise her husband for V-day. I said yes. She didn't have anything for the design so I asked her what does her husband likes to do or favorite things to do. She told me that he likes cars and loves to play chess too so she came up with an idea of a chess board cake with a black king and white queen in the center and hearts on the opposite sides. 

     It's just a plain chocolate cake with buttercream icing covered with white marshmallow fondant. My boyfriend was the one who gave me the idea on how to make the king and queen chess piece. I don't know where he got the idea but I was thankful to him cause he made it easy for me to do. Instead of putting a cross on the king, I suggested that we make little crowns for the head.

     On Valentines day, I personally delivered this cake to her husband as what I promised her.  I've know Marikoy since high school, we were classmate but hadn't got the chance to meet her husband during their wedding cause I was not able to attend it due to a flu.  I got  in Talisay around 11 in the morning and I sent a message to her husband telling him that I was waiting at the guard house with a surprise from his wife. Her husband was so kind that he even asked me to have lunch with him but I politely said no because I was in a hurry to go back to Bacolod. 
     You can check out Marikoy's blog http://mareeyah.com/ako/ for the wonderful write up she posted about the cake. 

15 February 2011

My Valentine Treats

     If you would ask me how did I celebrated my Valentines day, I would say very very very busy. My boyfriend and I didn't have our date, instead we had dinner at home with my family and my brother's girlfriend which everybody enjoyed.
     A week before the hearts day I was busy making red chocolate heart lollipops for the children of Sum-ag Elementary School and several orders of chocolate cakes. And on Valentines Day, I delivered them all myself =)
     It was tiring but I had fun and I think I lost a few pounds after walking and skipping lunch but gained twice after a sumptuous and gastronomic dinner.

     I called it Project Lollipop. Since chocolates cakes are quite not affordable, i thought of something that even elementary students can afford to have one. I was thinking of chocolate lollipops for Valentines day. I bought a heart with a rose plastic mould, plastic lollipop sticks, plastic wrapper, red metallic ribbon and a few red chocolate bars.

13 February 2011

AFC Challenge Cup 2011, Philippines Azkals Go Win Fight!

     Last February 9 I was given a chance to witness this once in a lifetime event held in the Panaad Stadium here in the city of Bacolod. The AFC Challenge Cup of the Philippine Azkals against Mongolia's Blue Wolf. Ruel was nagging me since that morning to go with them and watch the game but I insisted of not going because I have to finish my lollipop orders for Friday of the same week. After several hours of nagging, I decided to watch the football game with them. It was 5:30 in the afternoon when I arrived at the Panaad Stadium. The place was jammed pack with football fanatics from different places of the country excited for the game to start.

     Other people would do or exchange anything to have this ticket to watch the football game and it took Ruel four hours to convince me to watch the game with them. But I never regret it cause I enjoyed and had fun.

The Philippines Azkals team warming up for the game.

08 February 2011

More Photos from Bacolaodiat 2011

Chinese lanterns lighted and adorned the Lacson street and North Capitol Road.

07 February 2011

Bacolod Celebrated 6th Bacolaodiat Festval; Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!

     Bacolod City welcomes the Year of the Rabbit with a street party as we celebrated the 6th Bacolaodiat Festival.  Bacolaodiat comes from the words Bacolod and Laodiat a Chinese word which means "to celebrate".  It is celebrated every Chinese new year, a festivity that showcases our Chinese brothers' custom and belief mixed with the Filipino culture.  Very unique to all the Chinese new year being celebrated around the world.
The event is usually held on the Provincial Capitol Lagoon and the street of Lacson.  The street are decorated with red Chinese lanterns and scattered on the streets and the park are giant Chinese zodiac animals.
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