21 May 2011

Healthy Carrot Cake

     This carrot cake is for my friend Corrie's parents who had celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary yesterday. Wow! They have already come this far and wishing them to reach 50th. Then probably they might want me to make their golden anniversary cake hehehe.
     This cake is made from carrots with ground cinnamon, crushed pineapple and raisins. I used raw sugar (we called it here Mascubado) because of its not too sweet and the vitamins and minerals are still present on it.While it is in the oven, the whole house smells like a combination of everything... smells heavenly! It made my mouth watery and want to take a bite from it.  I guess the neighbors are drooling over the sweet scent on the air coming from the oven.  The icing was made from cream cheese, a little of butter, vanilla, lemon and some confectioners sugar so the taste isn't too sweet... just the right amount of sweetness.
     I delivered the cake personally to her parents. They already moved to Talisay City so I have no idea where to find them. Good thing I'm familiar with the subdivision and there were only few houses. The address says block 5 and I find myself asking for direction in block 18... Gosh! Thirteen blocks away. I laughed at myself thinking why I haven't asked someone in the guard house. Then I remember, there's no one in the guard house. I was texting Corrie who's in Aussie right now asking for directions. Luckily, someone pointed to me about a new house being constructed and when I got there I saw Corrie's father. Her mom let me in to their new house. A cute modern bungalow type house with wide space for gardening but the place isn't finish yet. Have a chat with her mom like 30 minutes or more before going home then call it a day. 


Marie said...

Toinks! Block 18? Hehehhe... Tingala ko man nadula ka, kay natam-an ka gali ka "go the extra mile". Hehehehe. Sige ah, I'll keep that wish in mind when it's time to celebrate the big 50th. :-D

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