20 January 2011

Having Fun With Gumpaste

It was December last year that I started using fondant on my cakes. I find them very pretty and elegant because you can almost do detailed decorations from it that makes it so realistic. Since then I got hooked up to it. I started reading more and more about it on the net and watched tutorial videos on Youtube.  Thats when I found out the there's fondant and there's gumpaste.  Fondant is used for covering cakes because of its soft and its sweet taste and gumpaste on the other hand is used for molding figures.  I personally used Marshmallows fondant because it tastes good and the ingredients can be find in the grocery store.
This time I wanted to try creating figures. In the U.S, gumpaste can be brought in a store or online. But how about in the Philippines? My what am I going to do?! Now I'm in a dilemma. Good thing you can make gumpaste from Fondant by just adding Tylose powder.  Thank God! The local baking store where I usually bought my ingredients have it.  I instantly acquired one and very much excited to try it.
So I spent my afternoon practicing on making roses and a teddy bear that my little brother requested.
I added a few pinch of Tylose powder on the fondant that I will be using and knead it until the consistency that I wanted. So here it is, My first ever gumpaste figures.


marikoy said...

Inta inta gid ya nga talent! Dali na, patindog na bakery, makisosyo ko! :-D Ano, ikaw man mahimo sng wedding cake mo? hehhehe..

Ella said...

wedding?? daw layo layo pa to katama... hehehe

marikoy said...

paging, uyab ni ella, pag propose na. heheheh... ma flower girl ko daan. hehehe. di ka pna, pag abot sg time, te perfect mo na gd talent mo. :-)

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