30 January 2011

Checkered Green Fondant Theme

     My fourth fondant creation.  This one is for my friend's co-teacher in elementary.  They wanted to have a green checkered cake made of fondant. They don't have any specific design in mind so they leave it up to me to decorate the cake.
     This is going to be a surprised cake for the birthday girl who will be celebrating her 25th birthday.  I'm was    so excited when they told me that they wanted me to make the cake.  My first problem was how to make the checkered without overlapping the squares. Since I focused on the top portion, the sides will definitely overlapped. I decided to leave it anyway. I instead put flowers to hide it.  Next problem is how to decorate the cake. It's checkered and its for a girl =(  I have a lot in mind. Then again, Ruel reminded me not to overdecorate cause the checkered design already looks good.  Since its for a girl, I made a light blue high heeled shoe with diamond cut crystals on it as a design.  I also put diamond cut crystals on the name to goes well with the shoe.


Marikoy said...

Checkered always reminds me of a chess board. But this cake... hmmm... I think the interpretation would be Cinderella played chess in Emerald City. :-D

kimmy said...

oh, wow! it looks so nice and delicious... you're an artist, girl! i wish i could afford a fondant cake, lol!

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