02 March 2011

First Day of March

      It's the first day of March. And first day's should suppose to start right but not for me.  It's like me against the world or the world plotting everything against me. Everything that you have done are not right and people just start to criticize you, put you down and make you feel so useless.  And when you feel like the heaven is about to fall on you, the sky started to pour heavy rain showers which made you feel more hopeless and miserable.

     Life ain't fair. And it ain't easy as well. If you go with the flow because that is what everyone is doing or everyone is telling or expecting you to do, you'll just stuck up on it with no where to go. That's it--stagnant. Yet you are hearing praises for being a good follower but are you contented?  You might answer "yes" but happy, fullfilled? At the end of the day you're just like a half-filled bottle. Will never be and always never be filled to the brim or overflowing. Let's say you decided to go on your way and be different from all the rest. Instead of getting support and understanding, all you can get are tons and tons of discouragement from people whom you least expect. Then you will start to feel depressed, deprived and eventually misery starts to sink in that if you cant handle it you might find yourself one day talking to your own self. When insanity steps in its the end of your life.

     But hey! Some people would always say look on the bright side. But where is that brighter side when the your distant future looks so gloomy and blurry. The road to happiness is winding and long with bloodsuckers scattered along ready to suck the life out of you anytime you showed weakness. If your on your quest to freedom and happiness just continue doing it your way. If you think that you're doing the right thing then there's no need to fear. Once in a while you might stumble and fall or most of the times but all you got to do is pick up your self and continue with what you are doing. If it makes you happy then go.

     Success isn't measured on the number of achievements or the amount of money in your bank account it's on how happy you are with your life and what you are doing.

    Just a piece of my thought.


Marikoy said...

Oh, melay, wish im there, para may pautwasan ka. That's true... about success. That's much like what I said before when someone asked me to define success... it's being happy with what you do. Whatever ang ginaproblema mo dra, I hope things will become better. Always remember, God loves you. He has experienced much worse, so He really understands you.

Odj | DBuzzToday.com said...

life ain't really fair, that's way it is full of surprises - good & bad. Well, it is up to us how to deal with it. :) Life is also ain't easy. Sad to say there's always someone pulling you done or makes your life a living hell. All we can do is to face it head high and sympre go on with our lives hehehe...

indi lang na di gastop ang world ta lay. Just do whatever makes you happy kay ikaw lang na ya ang kabalo kung ano na pero you should also listen to what they have to say, mati lang ya kay basi may point man sila. And actually indi lang na ikaw ang nakafeel sina. I've been there also but deadma :P We all know that the only person who could hurt us most are our love ones di bla? Amo na nga super sakit and depressing kung they can't understand us. Pero don't forget na you have friends who you could talk to. And please gwa-gwa man sa balay nyo, I mean lagaw with your friends from time to time para daw matawhayan ka biskan hours lang, it really helps :D Na feel mo na coz ara ka lang sa balay nyo pirme and ikaw lang ang ila gina salay bantayan o topic. And regarding sa success, each person have different outlook when it comes to it. For me, success is not the fame nor it is the money kay anhon mo man na sya if you are not happy di bla? Some will tell you na para sa ila having their own family is success and to some naman ya being famous and having lots and lots of money. Amo na nga unique individuals gid ta ya kay iba-iba kita. Basta just explain to them kung ano ang makapahappy sa imo, if they won't listen show them pero indi ka gid mangaway o magtaas boses. Just always pray to God na maintindihan nila ang imo gusto. asta lang di anay ang telenovela ko hahaha..

Anonymous said...

thats life, so let pain light on your success. be what you are, may be is just misunderstanding... Gods loves you..

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