04 October 2010

Bringing back good memories

I was browsing the files on my phone when I came across some year old pictures. Suddenly, good old memories flashes to me. The crazy stuffs we do to unwind or escape from the stress that we got from work. We had a lot of wonderful times together--out of town trips, going to the movies, food trips... the list is long.
Like this particular one. These photos were taken at The Ruins, one of the tourist attractions located between Bacolod and Talisay City. The remains of a once grandeur ancestral house of Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson standing magnificently in the middle of a sugarcane field. The house got burned during the World War II period but amazingly the concrete portions of the house hold on. Instead of rebuilding the house, the owners decided to keep it the way it is and open it for public viewing. The Ruins has become a favorite venue for pictorials and special events like weddings and birthdays.



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