07 October 2010

Remembering Sean

     My family loves dogs, so much that we dont treat them as pets but as family members. Mom would always make sure that they have their stuffs when we go to the grocery. It almost came to a point that the number of dogs is equal to the number of people living in the house. Our house was small way back then.
     Of all the canine pets we had, Sean was my favorite. He came to us when he was still a pup and my brother named him after a popular PBA basketball player. This chap had grown to be so attached the rest of the family members especially me. He became accustomed to human activities like he sleeping on my bed (which I dont mind at all), sat on an empty chair with us during meal time, lingers on the living area if there are visitors and became a favorite of the small kids.
     I remember when he was three years old we have to give him away. Later in the evening, we were told that he ran away from his new home but father just couldn't bear it so we looked for him in nearby areas. Luckily, we found him after a week of searching. I cant forget the sound of his yelp telling us how happy he is that we found him.
    It's been three years now since our old fellow was gone. He died on his sleep due to old age but one thing that I'll surely miss about him is how he would lay done beside you on the couch and put his head on your lap so that you can give him a scratch. He would always be our dearly beloved Sean. Wherever he is right now, he'll always be remembered in our heart and in our mind.


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