21 October 2010

Masskara Dance Parade 2010

     Since it began on 1980s, the street of Araneta in Bacolod City never fails to draw a large amount of crowd watching the street dance parade-the highlight of the Masskara Festival celebration.
     I have been on this street a lot of times since I was a kid and I can say it had gone a long long way from its humble beginning to being a world class tourist attraction. Today, not only locals from the other provinces in the Philippines flock to Bacolod but as well as from the other countries to witness the colorful merrymaking celebration of the City of Smile.
     I have been off the street for quite a long time. Instead of being on the street, I settled on watching the dance parade on the television. But this year is different, if it hadnt been for Ruel, I wouldnt be out on the street of Araneta again (it was his first time to watch the dance parade). October 17, 2010  four o'clock in the afternoon, I grab my camera and joined Ruel with the rest of the crowd to experience one more time Bacolod's very own mardi gras the Masskara Dance Parade.


marikoy said...

waaaahhhh!!!! melay! ngaa waay mo ko gnhagad lagaw! hidlaw ko masskara pro..

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