04 October 2010

Choco-Arroz Aftie

I have a lot of things to do today so I have to force myself to get out of the bed while my head is still in dreamland.
First things first: prepare breakfast, household chores then bake a cake.  It was almost noontime when I finished everything, took a quick shower then headed off to Talisay City to meet Ruel.
I thought there would be more than five of us who will be going to Merell's home but only four of us showed up: me, Ruel, Jona and Ryan.
She is Ruel's good friend since college and her nine month old baby is Ruel's goddaughter.  Merell is a little bit serious yet talkative so getting along with her is not a problem. No uncomfortable feeling that first timers often experience. Her baby girl is so adorable that I got a little envy and makes me want a baby too (in the near future).
The whole afternoon was spent on laughs, reminiscing their college life, eating chicken arrozcaldo and the chocolate cake I brought. Surprised to see that five of us ate almost 3/4 of the whole cake.
Then it was bye bye time.
Nothing could beat a good afternoon with real friends, good food and an endless conversation.
(Forgot to take pictures of them =c)


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