22 November 2010

Safety Driving on a Hot Weather

       Driving on an extremely hot weather is different from a normal weather condition. There are few things you have to keep in mind  in order to keep your self and your love ones safe while driving on a hot weather.
     Check your tires. Before leaving your house make sure that your car tires are in good condition for long travel. When driving on a hot weather, as air temperature rises, the pressure inside the tire also increases. Too much pressure could blow your tire to pieces.  Always check your tire every 100 miles or a couple of hours. If you think the tire gets too hot, stop over by the side of the road and allow your tire to cool down for a few minutes.
     Make sure you have enough engine oil.  Engine oil helps in keeping your engine cool for better performance. Go for synthetic oils for extreme temperature protection, durability, all round performance and longer oil change interval.
     Before going out on a long journey, make sure that your car's engine cooling system works perfectly well.  Keep an eye on your temperature gauge, if the gauge goes to high immediately pulled off the road to a safe place-- DO NOT! yes, do not attempt to drive any further. Driving with an overheated engine causes damage to your car engine. 
     Make sure that your air conditioning system is in perfect condition before setting out on a road trip. You don't want to find yourself sweating all throughout the journey.
     Extreme temperatures (hot or cold) affects the life of your timing belt. It is advised that if you change your timing belt have your water pump changed as well.
     Lastly, have you car regulary check in an auto repair shop. If you are residing in Arizona, given its hot climatic conditions, its best to have your card check by the experts like Houston auto repair. All you just need to do is visit their website, RepairPal.com, and they will give you the nearest repair shop in your area. You don't want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with your new Ford Expedition or Lexus don't you?


grace said...

is it bad that i consider the air conditioning tip the most important thing on this list? :)

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