31 December 2010

Ben 10 Fondant Cake for Michael

     Before the year 2010 ends I would like to share the second birthday cake that I created.  Last December 26, our baby brother Michael celebrated his 5th birthday. Every year we make sure that he will have a small birthday party at home for him and for his friends in the neighborhood. And every year, we always order a birthday cake but since his birthday falls on the last week of the year its always hard to find a bakeshop or cake house that still  accepts cake orders and not to mention the prices of the cakes are soaring up because of the holiday season.

      Because my first Dora fondant cake went out more than what I expected, I am more inspired and excited to make my second fondant cake, and for the theme Michael chose Ben 10. He had a collection of cartoon dvds at home and Ben 10 and Power Rangers are his favorite.
     I had no idea how to design his Ben 10 cake so once again I turned to Mr. Google for photos of Ben 10 cakes but I find them complicated.  Thank God that Michael opened his gift from Rose a few days before Christmas.  And one of the toys is a Ben 10 Omnitrix watch,  I instantly knew what to do for his cake.
     Like my first cake, this is three layers of nine inches round chocolate cake.  It is easier to work on round cakes.  It is filled and coated with buttercream before covering it with marshmallow fondant. I only used black and green color. The happy birthday banner and the number five was created by my boyfriend. We inserted a candle on the number five and the Ben 10 figurine was bought from one of the local party shop.
     It was kinda rush, I finished decorating the cake three hours before his birthday party.  We had a simple children's party at home and Michael adored his party cake that he requested to make him another cake for his  next birthday.


marikoy said...

Teh, when na ang grand opening sng Ella's Bakeshop? hehehe... dugay na ko wala kakaon hotdog nga may marshmallow sa punta. hehehe

Ella said...

wala pa pang hehe.. for now gapangita pa ko customers.... one step at a time lang ah =)

Mayet said...

hi, wow, fondant cake. I have tried making them several times.
hat's off to you coz I know how much effort one puts into making this kind of cake.

I was inspired by a Pinay who posted her creations in youtube.

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