07 December 2010

My 2010 Christmas Wish List

Went out to pay my credit card bill earlier. The streets of Bacolod City downtown area is once again heavy with traffic. I love Christmas and I always look forward for Christmas but I despise the traffic.
At this early people are flocking the malls or even the sidewalk stalls to shop for their Christmas gifts. Still haven't made up my Christmas list yet, I'm still thinking of what gifts to give to my family, boyfriend, friends, godsons and goddaughters and for myself.

Anyway, here are my top 10 Christmas wish list.
1. Good health for me and my love ones
2. World peace, world peace and major major world peace.
3. Notebook
2.  an SLR camera
3. a new wardrobe
4. to travel anywhere I want to go
5. of course money, to finance my travel, and for my savings
6. to trim my waist down to 26 (laugh out loud)
7. improve my baking skills
8  get  into a culinary school
9. get married by 2012
10. and lastly, have a baby after getting married

That's all for know. I hope I'll get most of them hahahah



marikoy said...

merry christmas!! may your wishes come true... duda ko galing sa wish # 6... christmas is synonymous to eating lots, lots, lots! enjoy christmas...edit wish #6. :-D

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