12 April 2011

Panaad Park: Touring Negros Occidental in a Day, Going North Part 2

MANAPLA  -  known for the Cartwheel church and the delicious Capulso Puto Manapla.  The town got its name from the wife of the capitan, fondly and respectfully called by the residents as Manang Pula.  Later, the Manang Pula as name of the town was shortened to Manapla, the name carried on until now.

CADIZ CITY  -  dried fish capital of Negros Occidental  and the famous tourist attraction, Lakawon Island Resort.

SAGAY CITY  -  found in the northern tip of Negros island.  The city boast of it natural prestine beauty and rich marine resources. Sagay Marine Reserve, a 32,000-hectare marine reserve composed of Carbin Reef, Maca Reef, the Molocaboc Islands, Panal Reef and other fringing reefs is an ideal place to experience nature in its natural beauty.

Bonzai plants for sale right outside the Sagay booth.

Sinigayan Festival costumes.

In this aquarium are the marine life found in Sagay's marine sanctuaries.

ESCALANTE CITY  -  originally the town was called Manlabus - means to strike with a club.  Famous tourist spot is the Jomabo Paradise Island and Beach Resort,  a white sand island.

A Lampirong lampshade.

TOBOSO  -  Toboso traces its roots many years before the Spanish regime. The original settlement of the place was near Sag-ahan River and the community was popularly known by the same name. Sag-ahan means in the local dialect “to take out or catch fish with the use of hands” because fish abound in the area.

CALATRAVA -  Calatrava was named after the city of La Mancha in Central Spain. An ancient fortress in the middle ages, it was also given the Military Orders of Spain, famous for its so called- Cruz de Calatrava and considered as one of the highest decorations given by the King of Spain.


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