13 April 2011

Panaad Park: Touring Negros Occidental in a Day, Going East

Now that we're done with the cities and municipalities on the northern part of Negros Occidental, lets proceed to the two municipalites and one city on the eastern part.

MURCIA   -  Convergence of the North and South and where East meets West. Murcia is home to the province’s flagship tourism attraction, the scenic and romantic Mambukal Summer Resort., the Bacolod Golf and Country Club, the Tanduay Distillery  and PNOC Geothermal Power Plant.

DON SALVADOR BENEDICTO  -  Located at the center of the mountains of northern Negros Occidental.  Tagged as the "Little Baguio of Negros Occidental" because of the cool weather and the beautiful pine trees that lined the main road.

SAN CARLOS CITY  -  home to the famous Pintaflores  Festival.


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