09 April 2011

Panaad sa Negros Festival Dance Competition Part 3

Sinigayan Festival of Sagay City
An annual thanksgiving in honor of St. Joseph, showcasing the best of Sagay’s arts, culture, products, and people.

Manlambus Festival of Escalante
“Manlambus” is a Visayan term meaning “to strike with a club” - because its coastal waters were then teeming with fishes that catching them could be done simply by clubbing.

Babaylan Festival of Bago City
Babaylan Festival is based on the rituals performed by the Babaylans or shamans, like rituals on marriage, baptism, healing, harvest and others. Babaylans get their healing powers from the unseen spirits.

Sag-ahan Festival of Toboso
Sag-ahan is derived from the original name of the settlement near the Sag-ahan River many years ago In the local dialect “sag-ahan” means to take or catch fish with the hands, This method of fishing was popularly used due to the abundance of fish in the area.

Kalag-kalag Festival of Isabela
This Festival is celebrated during the All Soul’s Day to remember the departed. The dance routine depicts dead people, and some skeletons dancing to the drumbeats.

Bailes de Luces Festival of La Castellana
Its unique feature is the use of lights or “luces” as props and adornment and its nocturnal festivities and streetdancing.


benjie said...

pina ka magandang festival na na panuod ko sa buong buhay ko sa negros kolang nakita the name of the festival that was bailes de luces of la castellana colorfyl festaval they dance w very well amazing performance dapat lng talaga na sila mananalo very unique ...hope na mka punta ako sa festival nila next year ..anyway every kilan ung bailes de luces?....

Ella said...

Hi Benj, thanks for dropping by. I couldnt agree more with what you said. =)

It falls every 5th of December =)

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