08 April 2011

Panaad sa Negros Festival Dance Competition Part 2

Pabalhas sa Tablas Festival of Candoni
Held every 11th of February, the concept of their festival originated from the actual history of Candoni when  group of settlers look for a land they can call their own.

Pintaflores Festival of San Carlos
Pintaflores is coined from the words Pintados, the concept behind the Nabingkalan Tattoo Festival, and the "flores", the Spanish word for flowers that dominated the theme of the Dances of Flowers. The Pintaflores street dancing and ritual competition highlights the annual Pintaflores festival every November 3-5.

Manang Pula Festival of Manapla
Manapla is the shortened word for Manang Pula, the wife of a Kapitan fondly and respected by the residents.

Tinabuay Festival of Murcia
A 9-day religious-cultural folk festival depicting the town's market day and highlighting its agricultural products.

Pasalamat Festival of La Carlota City
Falls every last week of April or first week of May.  Based on the tradition of thanksgiving to the gods after a bountiful harvests by the ancients in "Buglas".

Salapan Festival of Pulupandan
Came from the words "salap" and "pandan".  "Salap" is the native words for fishnet, while pandan grass which is abudant in the area.

Lilas Pandan Festival of  Calatrava
Pandan plants thrive abundantly on any types of terrain of Calatrava. These elongated succulent leaves with thorns on the sides are then cut, trashed into strands, hang dried  and then made into durable material for mat weaving which became  lucrative livelihood for the town' folks.

Sinulog Festival of Kabankalan
An annual festival held on the third Sunday of January in honor of the child Jesus or Sto. Nino.


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