30 April 2011

Meriah Hazel's Baptism Cake

     This simple cake made of orange chiffon frosted with boiled icing and decorated with sugar flowers is for my newest goddaughter Meriah Hazel. This isnt my first time to make boiled icing but all failed in the past. It always gave me headache wondering what went wrong. Makes me think that the problem must be with the ingredients, my sugar must not be ready yet, the procedure or is it because I'm only using an electric hand mixer.  My first try with boiled icing was a total failure. It icing became runny after I put colors on it, even if I'm using a gel color. And the colors sink to the bottom after a few minutes. Then the next one, I overcooked the sugar which makes the icing crunchy, with solid crystals on it.  My third try was kinda alright. It has the perfect firmness but after I put colors on it, it became a little bit soggy.  This is my fourth try, its not perfect because I was in a hurry and the sugar wasn't ready yet.  With more practice I think I'll be able to do it perfectly next time.


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